Itzhome Group is pioneering delivery of domestic services through advanced technology.

Bringing the physical and digital worlds together.


We re-imagine the way you care for and improve your home.

ITz stands for – In The Zone – defined as – “a mental state of focuses
concentration on the performance of an activity”.

All Itzhome professionals share the Itz endeavours. We are gogetters. The kind of people who are relentless about our mission to help people care for and improve their home and earn their way.

Your home is our driving force. Its our core. Its what makes us beat. It constantly pushes us to reimagine how we deliver the very best home service professional to your home. At the incredible speed of right now

• Servicing the needs of our customers.
• Powering the growth of our professionals

Connecting the two together to create the ItzHome community where you get everything done for your home.

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Strong Foundations

Built with heart. We care. Quality and trust is what makes us tick. Putting ourselves in the shoes of homeowners who connect in our marketplace helps us build offerings that positively impact our communities, professionals and partners. Our care drives us forward
every day.

How We Achieve This

• Going that extra mile
• Fulfilling our service promise
• Innovative Technology

Building Relationships

Trust, transparency and careful planning are at the forefront of all our operations. We are committed to providing the highest standards of customer experiences whilst forging long term relationships with our business partners in our pursuit of excellence. You can trust us to provide offerings, to add value to your home.


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